John Avery’s The Name Quest

I received this book for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: Mr. Avery has spent fifteen years of his life studying the Bible, and learning the names and titles of God. With this book, he intends to deepen the reader’s relationship with God.

Story Telling: What can I say? This is Christian book. Mr. Avery seems to think that if you can just understand more of the nature of God, then you will love Him all the more.

Likes: Mr. Avery is advocating a personal relationship with God.

Dislikes: I don’t understand why Mr. Avery had to use Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek in this book. Why is it so hard to have faith that God can and will talk to us in our own language? Going back to the ‘original languages’ seems to be a step toward a spiritual hierarchy. Didn’t God say that He looks upon the heart? It seems pretty rotten for us to say that you need to know the original languages just to get ahead. I wonder if any of those who learn these languages have accounted for linguistic shift?

Conclusion: No, I don’t really have a favorite anything in this book. With all of the extra languages and Bible versions, I felt a bit lost. It was just too many roads; His is strait and narrow.