Review Guidelines

Hey guys. Guess I should tell you how I prefer to handle my books for review.

I have no problem giving a new author a shot. The thing is: reviewing takes time and effort, just as writing does. That’s why I prefer to get hard copies of the books that I review. It’s just polite.

If you want to hit my favorite genres, then you really can’t go too wrong with: thrillers, mysteries, children’s fiction, some fantasy–this is a matter of particular tastes, nothing too dark–, I like a lot of hope and fun in my books. We all need it.

Let’s face it, there are books you don’t like to read. Reviewers have their personal tastes as well. Please Do Not Send Me: time-travel tales, hard science-fiction (I have read those, and reviewed them here a couple of times, but those were my first books of the sort), digital only books, or books with a strong political persuasion. I’m not saying that if you have a progressive, conservative, or other politically leaning character in your book then I won’t read it. I’m saying that I don’t want to be told that my politics are wrong, and this is what I should do. They’re also called ‘preachy’ books. If you have a romance with graphic sexual scenes, or erotica books please save us both some time. I don’t like to read those, and you really don’t want to get a bad review because the reader doesn’t care for those genres.

So authors, publishers, publicists, or agents: please use the following to ask me to read and review your books. Just remember, ignore the guidelines at your own peril…you might agree that any publicity is good publicity. But there is also the chance that you may end up in “The Fallen.”

Thank you.

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