Jim Butcher’s Skin Game-The Dresden Files 15

Overview: Being the Winter Knight isn’t easy. Especially since Harry is also the warden of Demonreach, and he still suffers from his migraines. Now, Mab has a rather inconvenient order. She has a debt to pay off to Nicodemus Archleone–yes, that Nicodemus, leader of the Black Denariians,–and she wants to use Harry to pay it off. This ought to be fun. Who doesn’t like a game of ‘circle the knife’? One slip up, and Harry will feel that one in his back.

Story Telling: Everybody’s favorite wizard, aside from Gandalf, is back in this urban fantasy.

Likes: Harry had to play a smooth game here. He had to stick to the letter of Mab’s orders, while keeping the innocent safe.

Oh! Michael is back. That’s just a big plus.

Dislikes: Faerie politics are actually worse that regular politics. How does that happen? Members of The Faerie Courts can’t even lie!

Nicodemus is one cold man. He had already beaten Murphy, his actions afterwards was inexcusable.

And Molly is going to be trouble. She is too secretive, and about things that are necessary for her family to know.

Favorite Character: Michael Carpenter, who else?

Favorite Quote: Michael has a way of making people feel better. ““In other words,” he said, “despite all of the things you know, and all of the incredible things you can do…you’re only human.”” Talk about putting things into perspective.

Of course, Charity has a good one too. “Kids need their father to come home safe, Harry. Make sure it happens.” I’ll leave you to guess who she is talking about.

Favorite Scene: Oh, there’s Harry’s discovery of what the parasite is. Or Nicodemus’s face when Michael came out of his gate. Or the time Harry spends with Maggie. The joyful reunion with Mouse. Or even Uriel’s choice.

Conclusion: This was a good book. I just hope that Harry goes back to working with the everyday people soon.

Jim Butcher’s Cold Days – The Dresden Files 14

We get to have a little more insight into the mind of Mab, Queen of Air and Darkness.

Harry is awake, and healing from his coma. Now, he gets to go on his first ever mission as the Winter Knight. He is being sent to kill Maeve, the Winter Lady. No pressure, right.

This book was hard to start–it may have been too much Dresden, too little time. Mab’s personality was elaborated greatly. Her portrayal in earlier books was explained. She bases her decisions mostly on logic. She’s a cold creature, but it’s explained in a way to make her understandable.

The best parts of the book can be summed up in two words: “Thomas” and “Toot-toot.”

Jim Butcher’s Ghost Story – The Dresden Files 13

This was a weird story, even by Harry’s standards.

Harry seems to be dead, and now he has to solve his own murder. Isn’t there some kind of law against that one?

Whenever The Dresden Files touches on the subject of ghosts, it seems as if Mr. Butcher is trying to explain something that he doesn’t understand well. This book was no exception. The only real benefit to the story, was how Harry’s loved ones seemed to be taking his apparent death.

Jim Butcher’s Changes – The Dresden Files 12

The title of this book didn’t need to follow Mr. Butcher’s routine of two word titles. It is pretty straight forward.

Harry finally hears from Susan again. Surprise! He’s a Daddy. Bigger surprise, his enemies know.

This book explained a lot of holes left in the prior books. Why Ebeneazer McCoy wished to accept responsibility for Harry, who is the Grey Council, and what Susan has been doing for the past few years. We even get to see how Thomas is doing. And how Lea was able to track Harry all the time. There is even some bonus information on Margaret LeFay Dresden.

This is one of my favorite Dresden novels. The only thing that put a little damper on my enjoyment level, was Harry’s inner turmoil throughout the novel. And that was even understandable, it’s his baby girl.

Jim Butcher’s Turn Coat – The Dresden Files 11

“Turn Coat” brings us to a serious problem in the White Council. A senior council member was murdered, and the presumed killer is none other than greatest Warden of the current batch–Donald Morgan. Want to take a wild guess as to who he has to go to in order to clear his name?

This book had one glaring problem for me. The White Council was willing to execute an innocent man, just to save face with some of the wizarding world. It seems to be hypocritical to tell all wizards not to kill with magic, and then plot to kill someone with a sword based on circumstantial evidence alone. The Council didn’t appear to be interested in the truth.

Outside of the fact of the ‘do as I say, not as I do’ aspect of the book (which seems to be quite popular with this series) it was an enjoyable read.

Jim Butcher’s Small Favor – The Dresden Files 10

We get to see Michael and company again. These two are the most endearing and most frustrating people in the entire series. They seem to be the premier Christian, forgiving all things.

On to the story: ‘Gentleman’ Johnnie Marcone has disappeared. And for some reason Mab wants him found. The only clues Harry is given is a holographic image of the kidnapping. And if that is not enough, Titania–the Summer Queen–has decided that Summer cannot have Harry Dresden alive.

This one was a vivid ride. With the twists and turns through the book, you might feel up to trying a roller-coaster next. Each time Harry seems to be able to relax, the Summer Queen’s hit squad shows up. It’s a great book, would be classified as fun, except for what happens to Michael at the end. They do start getting longer from here on.

Jim Butcher’s White Night – The Dresden Files 9

It’s been just about a year after ‘Proven Guilty.’ Molly is frustrated with the training that Harry is putting her through. She seems to be having trouble with a beaded bracelet, and thinks that Harry doesn’t feel that she is strong enough to help him. If that’s not enough on Harry’s plate, several small time practitioners, all female, have seemingly committed suicide. Though some of the suicides seem improbable to not have been assisted.

Here is the finality of Lasciel’s and Harry’s Relationship.

Mr. Butcher has melded Harry’s unusual temper, Molly’s frustration, and Murphy’s slight depression over her demotion well. It was well written, and fun to read.

Jim Butcher’s Proven Guilty – The Dresden Files 8

This is one of the few fairly straight-forward stories in the series.

We start off with the execution of a warlock. Harry is disturbed by the whole case and as he heads to his car, he is informed that there is evidence of black magic in Chicago. Not only that, his friend’s daughter is in trouble. Life is never simple for the only professional wizard in Chicago.

This book is full of the office politics of Murphy’s enemies. The stress between Charity and Harry comes to a head, then to resolution. Many of the threads that were left dangling at the end of the last few books were tied off. All-in-all, this was a satisfying story.

Jim Butcher’s Dead Beat – The Dresden Files 7

It’s the seventh verse in the Ballad of Harry Dresden.

A bunch of necromancers have hit town. They want to find the equivalent of their messiah’s words. Hello Trouble. Harry has to juggle sharing a home with his brother Thomas, tend to Murphy’s house, and try to get the book to the Black Court liaison Mavra. Throw in a nervous medical examiner named Butters, and odd happenings, suffice to say, Harry is in a mess.

The book still has a few bad vibes from the last book running in it. But, Harry’s attitude comes to its climax. This book seems to be one of the better books.