Calling All Authors

Wanting a Review.

Hey guys, I enjoy reading. A lot. The only thing better is being able to share my opinion about the novels as well as passing the stories on.

I want to make a couple of points to the authors. Many books that I receive are self-published. Unfortunately, problems with some of these books make it hard to write a fair review. I’m sure you’ve seen my “The Fallen” file. Those are books that were near impossible to review. The bad far outweighed the good, and what good there was wasn’t all that good.

Here’s the deal. I hereby reserve the right not to review any book that has the bad sections–be it poor punctuation, missed grammar, or just poor story telling, or even a combination of all of the above–that overpowers the good, and makes it near impossible to write a fair review.

Please understand this. I’m a writer, that means I understand that writers spend a lot of time–most of it even–on their craft; it isn’t fair either to the writers, nor myself to read and review a book that has this problem. You need a review that at the very least will not trash your novel. And I need to keep my enjoyment of reading or I’ll go crazy. Then where would this blog be?

Now onto my second point, as I said I like to pass on the stories that I receive, unless of course they make it into my library. Not many do this. This is something I do quite frequently. After I’ve read, and usually reviewed, the books, I pass them on. I see it as a way to increase word-of-mouth sales. The thing is, I give these books away at a craft show. So the books get a personalized handcrafted cover to qualify for the show. If anyone has any extra copies they want to distribute, I’ll be glad to help. (I include a copy of the review in each book.)

Thank you for your time and attention. May we both be happy with our endeavor. And God bless the works of our hands.

Your Texan Cowgirl,

7 thoughts on “Calling All Authors

  1. Hello Charissa, As you requested, I have sent an autographed copy of my book “The Garbage Sifter” to . Roy Wilkerson. I hope it meets your standards. It is self published but it was reviewed, and corrected as necessary, by a professional copy editor. I hope you’re not offended by the fictitious description of the 1999 republican presidential primary campaign (see Part 2 ‘Rosario 5’). Also, there are some adult sections. I will be really interested in reading your review.
    Thank you again.
    Barry Jones
    (an ex-Welsh sheep herder)


  2. Hi Charissa. I am contacting you to ask if you would please consider reviewing the second book in my traditionally published series. The Choice will be released in April and I am looking for reviews to be posted in April/May.

    My publisher will provide a print ARC in exchange for an honest review.



    • I would prefer to have the whole story for a review, it gives a full picture. If it can stand alone, I am willing to review it. If not, please see what you can do to send the first, or at least a synopsis. I look forward to working with you. Charissa


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