Hello and welcome to my little corner of the internet. I do a lot of reading so you’ll find mostly book reviews here. Though every now again, something just hits the point where I feel the need to comment on it. Of course if anything comes up in my writing career that I feel anyone needs, I’ll be adding that as well.

Other than my reading, I do a lot of needlework. Perhaps I’ll include some patterns as time goes on. Enjoy my library, and please, don’t leave a mess. I’m just a good old Texan cowgirl. I offer fair and honest reviews: fair to the authors, and honest to myself. I have to live with myself afterwards.

Just a few tidbits here. I read for pleasure and with a reading partner, aloud. This is only part of the reason on why I don’t read Romance. I don’t do any proofreading for free, unless it’s on my personal writing. And I’m always looking for another book to review. And if you haven’t noticed yet, I enjoy what most people call ‘airport novels.’ The so-called ‘deep’ novels always seemed like they are trying to push the author’s personal agenda. It seems that I learn more from the ‘literary Twinkies.’ It leaves God more room to work.

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    • Good Morning. If you have paid for any letters, then I think you have a serious problem. There is no pay-per-letter program on this blog. I’m sorry if you thought that there was. Please send me the link so it can be fixed.


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