Dennis Sanders & Len Lovallo’s The Agatha Christie Companion

Overview: So, you have been introduced to the mystery genre. And someone, it could even have been Goodreads or a book seller, has suggested the Queen of Mystery herself, the Dame Agatha Christie. But, where does one start? Mr. Sanders and Mr. Lovallo has your answer with this collection. The next question is: does it work?

Story Telling: This is a reference book made to keep the vast collection of Mrs. Christie’s books in order.

Likes: The book titles were listed in order of their publication, including the year of publication and the American versions of the titles–if there were any.

Also we get a list of the theatrical and cinematic works that were made from Mrs. Christie’s novels and stories.

Conclusion: This is a good manual to know which books that you might have missed from any of Mrs. Christie’s series. Just one thing. Both Mrs. Christie, and her publisher, was wrong concerning killing off Hercule Poirot. There are still new books being released with her titular character.