Dorothy Gilman’s The Elusive Mrs. Pollifax-Mrs. Pollifax 3

Overview: Mrs. Pollifax is celebrating a great achievement. Her night blooming cereus has reached the pinnacle of its life. Three pretty little blooms. Good thing that she made that showing, because her CIA handlers have a new case for her. There’s a small resistance group in Bulgeria that needs some passports. An elderly woman with a fascination for hats should be able to smuggle a few items over. There shouldn’t be anything that goes wrong, right?

Story Telling: This is an international thriller from the era of the 60’s-70’s. Can that time era do any better than today’s?

Dislikes: That would be one man in particular. One. Mr. Carleton Bemish decided to completely betray his heritage. There was so much that he could have done. He could have taken his wife and go home. Instead, in my opinion, he sold his soul for a mere pittance.

Likes: Mrs. Pollifax wasn’t willing to let an innocent suffer if she could do anything about it.

And Debbie was willing to help. Perhaps this situation will get her to focus on something past her generation.

Favorite Character: That would be Mrs. Pollifax.

Favortie Scene: I rather enjoyed finding out Tsanko’s job description with Mrs. Pollifax.

Conclusion: All in all, this was a fun story. It may be a little bit dated, but if we ignored all works older than our current age, we would miss out on a lot. Both interesting stories, and morals that has taken humanity years to discover. Enjoy the story.