Agatha Christie’s Death on the Nile-Hercule Poirot 17, Colonel Race 3

Overview: M. Poirot is on vacation. Finally, work shouldn’t be calling him off this time. After all, he is retired. Too bad the heiress and her killer didn’t get the memo. Now instead of a nice, relaxing trip down the Nile, he has to figure out how a woman with no enemies ended up dead. Good thing Colonel Race is around to help him out. One problem though. For someone who doesn’t have any enemies, Mrs. Doyle seems to know quite a few people who wanted her dead. So, who did it?

Story Telling: Once again we have a murder mystery. We’re pretty far into the Hercule Poirot series. However, I think that Colonel Race’s ends here.

Dislikes: There’s a couple of things this time around. Firstly, it would be Mr. Ferguson, as a person and his attitude. I’m not one that will ever get along with socialists, as I find that their beliefs are rooted in greed and envy. At the time of this book’s first publication, we hadn’t yet witnessed the true horrors this ideology would commit. What’s our excuse today?

Secondly, Linnet Doyle irritated me. She was so used to getting her way, that being told that she was wrong, or being denied anything, angered her.

Likes: Poor M. Poirot. He just cannot catch a break. Maybe he should just claim to be working when he goes on vacation. Either way, he was willing to roll with the flow.

Colonel Race was fun to follow. Too bad he had to follow M. Poirot’s lead. That’s one dance I’ll gladly miss.

Favorite Scene: There was one spot where M. Poirot tried to educate Mrs. Doyle to why she was having trouble. The lesson even included the story of David and Nathan, the parable of the rich man and his neighbor’s ewe lamb.

Favorite Character: That would be Colonel Race. He wanted to do the best things for those around him while solving the crimes properly. See the problem with M. Poirot.

Favorite Quote: I have to agree more with Mrs. Allerton in this exchange:

““…Such people forget that life and death are the affair of the good God.”

He spoke gravely.

Mrs. Allerton said quietly:

“I am glad to hear you say that. All the same, God chooses his instruments.””

Conclusion: This was a rather fun mystery. You won’t be overly surprised if you watch or read a lot of true crime. But, it’s fun to watch the detectives unravel the mystery.

Agatha Christie’s Cards on the Table-Hercule Poirot 15, Colonel Race 2

Overview: M. Poirot has a new case. A man, Shaitana, has claimed to have collected murderers who have gotten away with the crime. M. Poirot was invited to a party that will showcase his collection. It’s dinner and bridge, with the added spice of murder. So, can four sleuths, both professional and amateur, solve this case? Or will someone get away with murder again?

Story Telling: This is a murder mystery. There is very little in the way of action or suspense, it’s a pure mystery. We’re also quite a few books into one series, yet only the second on the other.

Dislikes: That would by M. Shaitana. God, he is what happens if the gossiping church biddies took a sinister turn.

Oh, and don’t forget Anne Meredith. It’s mostly a personality clash. I don’t care for her at all.

Likes: We have a self-insertion here. Mrs. Oliver shares many of the same attributes as Miss Christie, including book titles. One must wonder how closely Mrs. Oliver mirrors our dear author.

And the way that the case was worked out was fascinating. After all, our sleuths had to prove both, whether the suspects had actually ever committed murder, and then who committed this one.

Favorite Scene: It’s a two part scene. That’s because M. Poirot had to snoop into Major Despard’s past. The first was with a lady on one of his journeys. And then, he had to get the story from the Major himself.

Favorite Quote: In response to Mrs. Oliver, Superintendent Battle said: “But, you see, mere men are in charge, we’ve got to be careful. We’ve got to get there slowly.”

Conclusion: I had fun with this one. Enjoy the mystery. You can have twists and turns, without cheating your audience.