Agatha Christie’s The A.B.C. Murders-Hercule Poirot 13

Overview: Hercule Poirot’s retirement has been revoked forcibly. He received a letter threatening to commit a murder, complete with a date and place. What can Mr. Poirot do? This is a challenge to Mr. Poirot’s skills. One murder has taken place, can Mr. Poirot stop more murders from happening?

Story Telling: This is kind of a mixed book. You have a mystery portion, and a bit of a suspense novel. It’s also part of a series.

Dislikes: I’ve never liked for any story to have a strong point-of-view shift. It’s my main reason for disliking James Patterson novels. This series is known for following Captain Hastings, when he is around, in particular being from his point-view. This one tries to keep with that point-of-view but shifts to a third person point-of-view here and there.

Likes: We had quite the cast of characters with this one. The banter between Captain Hastings and Mr. Poirot was fun at times, and certainly could evoke quite the imagery.

Megan Barnard had a great temperament as well.

Favorite Character: That would be Donald Fraser.

Favorite Quote: This one was just fun. “C’est vrai. To grow the vegetable marrows! And immediately a murder occurs–and I send the vegetable marrows to promenade themselves to the devil.”

Favorite Scene: That would be the meeting between Megan Barnard and Mr. Poirot.

Conclusion: This was a fun read. Enjoy it with others who like murder mysteries.