Alexander McCall Smith’s Sunday Philosophy Club-Isabel Dalhousie 1

Overview: Isabel Dalhousie is the editor of a niche specific magazine. She’s also a spinster that has a faithful housekeeper, and a close relationship with her niece. There shouldn’t be anything that agitates her, especially at an orchestral concert. But, then that young man falls from the level above her. What’s an old editor to do?

Story Telling: This is advertised as a cozy mystery. However, this will be a matter of tastes.

Dislikes: Remember when I said that the mystery portion is a matter of tastes? Well, for someone who reads a lot of mysteries, this one won’t be as captivating as others. Isabel claims to be bothered by the man’s death, but she investigates it less than she worries about her niece’s love life.

Reader beware! There’s a fine line between match-making and lusting over another, and trying to live vicariously through a loved one. Mr. Smith dances dangerously close to the edge of that line at certain points. It could even be argued that he crossed that line a time or two.

Likes: There were so many good concepts here. Grace is a big one. She was willing to do whatever was needed, and capable to tell people what they needed to hear.

Favorite Character: It’s Grace.

Conclusion: This is definitely not for everyone. Try it, maybe you’ll have better luck with it.

Dean Koontz’s Odd Hours-Odd Thomas 4

Overview: Odd has moved from the Monastery to a small town named Magic Beach. His history as a fry cook has gotten himself a rather easy job as a cook for an elderly man. This gives him plenty of time to help Mr. Sinatra cross over. Too bad Odd is having nightmares about a petite woman and a red tide. Well there goes his vacation. How will Odd handle this one?

Story Telling: We have the fourth book in a paranormal thriller with this novel. Odd Thomas novels are written in first-person point-of-view. So if you don’t like this style, you might not want to read this one.

Dislikes: So many Americans didn’t understand what makes this nation great. We don’t need to agree completely with everyone else. Individualism is what allows us to succeed in life if you so choose.

Likes: We get to meet Annamarie in this novel. She was quite mysterious, but, you can place her if you know what to look for.

Odd was pretty stubborn. You’d have to be, to take on what he did. Blossom and Birdie was fun. Not to mention Hutch’s kindness was great, as was his loyalty to his friends.

Favorite Character: Birdie was willing to follow the Spirit wherever it leads. And Hutch was willing to fight through the fears he had spent years dealing with.

Favorite Scene: One word needed: PolterFrank! That was beautiful.

Favorite Quote: In regards to PolterFrank. “I didn’t say Rod Stewart. He said Rod Stewart.”

Conclusion: This is a terrific addition to the Odd Thomas series. Enjoy it as a fun addition to your paranormal library.