Robert M. Edsel and Bret Witter’s The Monuments Men

Overview: Everyone has heard of the atrocities that Hitler set into action against the Jews of Europe. Much less known is the atrocities committed against the so-called undesirables such as the mentally impaired, homosexuals, the Romani, and, of course, enemies of the state. Even less known is the fact that Hitler fancied himself as an art aficionado. Needless to say, many of the countries that Germany invaded lost their pieces of cultural significance. This is the story of those who sought to return those pieces to their home countries.

Story Telling: This is more of a memoir style of historical book. We have a few letters, and notes from the war. But this isn’t a fast read.

Dislikes: Every time that I hear about Nazi Germany, the worse they seem to get. This is no exception.

Likes: We did handle the search for the artwork in the best way possible. At least, we didn’t value the artwork over people’s lives.

Favorite Scenes: That would be the letters home.

Conclusion: This is a fascinating read. Enjoy it for the educational purpose.