Leonardo Da Vinci’s Leonardo’s Notebooks

Overview: What better way is there to learn how to be an artist, than by learning from one of the old “masters”? Leonardo Da Vinci made his name during the Renaissance age. Now, granted, while we are four or five centuries past that time period, at least. Is there anything that he can teach the artists of this age?

Story Telling: These writings were put together by Mr. Da Vinci. Most were for his own remembrance, some were for his students, while others were for study, and some were to satisfy his curiosity. Needless to say, we can call this an artist’s memoir.

Dislikes: You have to bear in mind that Mr. Da Vinci lived at a time when he had to make his own art supplies. And he was left-handed as well. At that time, such a thing was seen as the sign of the devil. Hiding so much, leaves a sense of superiority…arrogance…I’m not sure what you would call it. It can be a turn-off, at the best of time.

Likes: Many of his tips are helpful. As well, the sketches show you how his mind worked.

Conclusion: If you are interested in biographical writings, or are just interested in art as a career path, try this book. You just might find some of the tips to be helpful.