Harlan Corben’s Live Wire-Myron Bolitar 10

Overview: Myron Bolitar is–technically speaking–a sports’ agent and a lawyer. This does not stop him from trying to solve some of his clients’ problems. Case in point: Suzze T, a former tennis champion and soon to be mother, needs Myron to find her husband. He just didn’t expect to see someone from his past while doing so.

Story Telling: We have a mystery with a semi-professional this time around.

Dislikes: What a bunch of liars! This whole story was one lie on top of another. These things only grow the more they are used.

And the ending kind of ruined the story for my tastes.

Likes: Big Cyndi is…colorful, to say the least. And she’s rather creative.

Myron does try to do the right thing. Too bad that it cost him so much.

Favorite Character: That would be Big Cyndi.

Favorite Quote: “The ugliest truth, a friend once told Myron, is still better than the prettiest of lies.” Too bad the story didn’t live up to that sentiment.

Favorite Scene: Big Cyndi showing off her sewing skills via the bridesmaid dresses will definitely stick with you.

Conclusion: The ride was fun for the most part. Maybe I should have caught up with the older novels first.

Inherit the Dead

Overview: Can twenty different authors manage to tell a seamless story? We are about to find out. You see, Perry Christos has been hired by an elderly woman. She wants to find her estranged daughter. It seems like a rather straight-forward case doesn’t it? But, where would the fun be in that?

Story Telling: This is a detective novel. In fact, the forward refers to it as a noir novel.

Dislikes: This book has some pretty dark spots. That probably comes from the noir aspect, and this was my introduction to the sub-genre. But really, did Perry’s wife have to treat him like that? She didn’t even wait for both sides of the story when he was accused of impropriety as an officer of the law.

Likes: The story runs smoothly. The authors’ individual voices didn’t even clue you in when there was a switch. You have to rely on the chapter headings to know who’s writing at any given time.

And Perry was able to work with just about anyone to get one more step further along in the case.

Favorite Character: Out of all of the novels that I’ve read, there aren’t many characters as honorable as Perry Christos. He just has a way of keeping his head in the game.

Favorite Scene: This one would be when Perry is watching his daughter’s play rehearsal.

Conclusion: This was a fun story. Enjoy the ride along with Perry. I’m not so sure about noir novels though.