Nancy Zieman’s Essential Sewing Guide-Sewing with Nancy 1

Overview: Are you a new sewist? Do you find the terms difficult to understand? Ms. Zieman understands the confusion that the new sewing enthusiast has. She believes that she can simplify the ideas for you. How will she manage it?

Story Telling: This is another how-to book. It’s one for the beginning sewist.

Dislikes: None. It’s a book for the beginning sewist, and I’m not ashamed to admit that’s where I stand with it.

Likes: This book includes various charts, grafts, tips and techniques designed to help you make the best items possible.

Conclusion: This might be helpful for those who wish to make their own clothing items.

Patricia Lanza’s Lasagna Garden-A New Layering System for Bountiful Gardens: No Digging, No Tilling, No Weeding, No Kidding!

Overview: Do you have to own or borrow a tiller to have a nice garden? Can you garden in a small place, or do you need a more than a moderately sized yard? According to Mrs. Lanza, nope on the tiller, and just having any unused space will work for the first time gardener.

Story Telling: This is an educational book. This one is for the would be gardener.

Dislikes: This spot might be filled later. It has to be tested first.

Likes: The idea sounds like it might work. I don’t know about the weeds, but again this is something that has to be tried out first.

Conclusion: This might work. I’ll have to get back to you later though. Just remember that life can get in the way. Especially if I don’t update this post.

Mary Higgins Clark’s Daddy’s Little Girl

Overview: Twenty-three years ago, Andrea Cavanaugh was found murdered in the Westerfield garage. The Westerfields’ son was convicted. But, now that he is up for parole, his family is announcing his innocence to everyone in town. With a new witness coming forward, did the wrong man go down for the murder? Ellie, Andrea’s little sister, doesn’t believe so.

Story Telling: If you are looking for a mystery, you won’t find it here. Mrs. Clark is known as the “Queen of Suspense.” The “Queen of the mystery” is Miss Christie. While all mysteries will contain an element of suspense, not all suspense novels are mysteries.

Dislikes: Rob Westerfield was a spoiled, violent, arrogant brat. He thought that he didn’t need to suffer the consequences of his actions.

And Ellie seemed to be projecting her own self-blame onto others. Her dad was in a bad situation simply because very few marriages survive the death of a child. What was he supposed to do? Become an emotionless robot?

Likes: Teddy Cavanaugh was stubborn in a good way.

Many people were trying to get the truth out. Mrs. Hilmer was kind enough to offer a home to a friend in need.

Favorite Character: It would be Teddy and Ted Cavanaugh.

Favorite Quote: This one is perfect for the whole story. “There’s something else Dad told me that you should know. He said, ‘I’ve lost one little girl. I can’t lose another.’”

Favorite Scene: Can’t tell you. It would ruin the whole story for you.

Conclusion: This is a fun read, as long as you remember that it isn’t a mystery. You won’t be looking for red herrings, plot twists, or whodunnit. Just enjoy the roller-coaster ride.