Dean Koontz’s Shadowfires

Overview: Rachael Leben just wanted a quick divorce from her husband. Too bad that Eric didn’t see it the same way. She wasn’t asking for too much. But, it should be all over now. People don’t survive a head on collision with a garbage truck as a pedestrian. Nothing in Eric’s job as the premier genetic researcher could prevent that, right?

Story Telling: We have a techno horror novel with this one. You could also call it a creature story. Either way, there are science-fiction elements involved.

Dislikes: Anson Sharp was a jerk, and that’s putting it mildly. Arrogance, a self-serving nature, and delusions of grandeur do not make for a good public servant. And let’s face it, the political arena, military, emergency services, and some of the medical profession are meant to be for the public good. You get into these jobs for what you can do for others, and not how much devotion, adoration, and worship you can draw towards yourself. Pay the people who do these jobs a fair wage; but don’t take one of these jobs to place yourself on a pedestal.

The elder Leben couple should have been shot. No one has the right to blame the victim of such heinous crimes. It’s even worse to use God in such a way to confirm your beliefs. They truly were doing to work of evil in this case.

Likes: Reese Hagerstrom and Julio Verdad were a great team.

Benny was a surprise for Rachael. Good thing he was on her side, and dedicated to the moral right.

Jerry Peake was good for character growth. He has a dream, and he is working towards it. Plus Mr. Keil was just fun to be around.

Favorite Character: It’s Jerry this time around.

Favorite Quote: “Peake wanted not only be a successful agent but to be a legend, and you could be a legend only if you played fair and still got things done.”

Favorite Scene: There are two. The First was when Sharp and Jerry met Sarah Keil’s father.

And the second was when Reese met a wild dressing woman who worked for Ben Shadway.

Conclusion: This is a fun story. Enjoy it when you need a little shot of fear with your thriller.