Bill Cannon’s A Treasury of Texas Trivia II

Overview: Where can you find a boot-wearing Jesus? Or a barbed wire museum from…um…intimate origins? This book is loaded with these stories, and so much more. Let’s see what secrets, surprise histories, and just fun facts that the Lone Star State has to offer us.

Story Telling: Trivia books are just that, books full of short stories and facts.

Likes: Oh. This book’s structure makes finding certain facts easier. If you’re looking for fun stories, look under “Truth is Stranger than Fiction.” Looking for landmarks or other fun places to visit on your next trip? Start with “Unusual Claims to Fame.”

Favorite Stories: There’s so many of them. But, I’ll try to cut it down some. There’s “German Ingenuity,” “Only God can Make a Tree…” and “…One Riot–One Ranger.”

Conclusion: Enjoy this book. Maybe you’ll find some places to visit. Or you could find a few bits of trivia to win a drinking game.


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