Miriam Morrison Peake’s 101 Things to Make for Fun or Money

Overview: Etsy and other online craft malls seem to be getting quite popular of late. But how does one go about getting started? Getting good at a handcrafted style might help. But where does one start at that point? Ms. Peake has your answer.

Story Telling: This is a combination of a pattern book, encouraging self-help, and an educational guide.

Likes: Ms. Peake not only gives us many different craft styles, she reminds us that quality of craftsmanship is just as important if you are making things for your loved ones as it is if you intend to sell.

Favorite Project: It’s the Chapel cap.

Conclusion: This book is a nice little resource. Enjoy it, learn from it. And try a new craft. You just might find your niche.


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