Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales

Overview: What happens when you have a group of pilgrims on a journey to Canterbury do to keep their spirits up? Well, the host of the troupe has a great idea. A story challenge, one story each up to Canterbury, and one tale each on the way back. Loser buys the drinks. Maybe that’s just a great idea for any aspiring writers. Let’s see how the guests handle the challenge.

Story Telling: This is a fanciful short story anthology. This is also one classic that you might be able to encourage older children to read.

Dislikes: A few of these stories have a decidedly Catholic bent, one of which is a sermon. Now this is just part of the time frame. In the 1300’s there was still the on the pain of death and losing your eternal soul, you had to be a Catholic attitude.

Unfortunately, Mr. Chaucer died before he was able to finish this piece. So the book, as well as a few stories are unfinished.

Likes: Most of the completed stories were quite entertaining.

Favorite Story: It’s “The Franklin’s Tale.”

Conclusion: Enjoy the tales. Though if some of your younger family members find it, just be glad that they’re reading.


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