Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy

Overview: Dante is struggling with problems so big, that he cannot begin to understand. How did he get to this forest? And, while he is grateful for his hero coming to help him, the road seems too hard for a mere mortal to traverse. Can he make it? For his Beatrice, he’s willing to attempt it.

Story Telling: We haven’t left the epic poetry just yet. This one has a high theme, namely the redemption of mankind, yet it’s written in the everyday language of man of Dante’s day.

Dislikes: Sorry to say, but it was the entire “Paradisio” section of the poem. Part of it was Beatrice. The rest, happened to be the overwhelming Catholic beliefs that permeated it. Such as the only surefire way into paradise was to be a perfect nun or other clergyman that didn’t fail in one spot of the vows. This is also based on the time it was written.

Likes: Virgil kept Dante’s spirits high. He was a terrific guide, and one who didn’t seem to belittle his follower.

Conclusion: At least read the “Inferno” and “Purgatorio.” You’ll enjoy the story.


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