Everyone at one time or another has heard the phrase: “free doesn’t come free.” or some spin on it. Yet, just the idea of something or some principle, of freedom gets our thinking messed up. Maybe it’s time to reconsider the concept.

For our first, and most important example, we have ‘free’ will. We have the “freedom” to make our own decisions about life. This doesn’t mean that our decisions don’t hurt someone. That’s why paternity shows are rising in popularity. One choice made out of carnal desire, and three lives, if not more, are tossed into a metaphorical whirlwind. Is that God’s fault? After all, He gave ‘free’ will-but, can we blame Him, when one makes a bad or carnal choice. Who wants a bunch of soulless robots running the congratulatory committee?

Then we get to our Founding Fathers, and the first Amendment they wished the citizens of The United States of America two of our “freedoms” guaranteed in that Amendment- “Freedom of Speech,” and “Freedom of Religion”- are under an inadvertent attack. People seem to think odd things about these Rights.

When it comes to “Freedom of Speech” we have a large group of those both heading to and coming our of college, that believes that h=this freedom guarantees the freedom from offense. Let’s face it, if our citizens have the right to speak our minds in the medium we choose, some one is going to be offended.

You cannot avoid that fact of life. We’re individuals, we have individualistic tastes. Preventing all offense is about as successful as an injured deer escaping from the wolf pack. The odds are fairly slim.

And then, we come to the “freedom of Religion.”
Now, Christians, and some Conservatives seem to think that this should preclude non-Christian beliefs from coming out in our country. But at the flip side of that coin, the Atheists wish to tell us that religion only belongs in the home–and in some cases–not around any children. Neither of these views are accurate, for much the same reason as mentioned in the Freedom of Speech. The Founders knew the best they could get people to agree to was the Ten Commandments.

What’s really painful for stores, and–in the long run–the customers is the instance on the part of the customers for “free” shipping. With some stores you pay a “membership fee” for discounted or even “free” shipping. That way the shoppers know what they are getting.

Other stores, like Amazon, just offer free shipping period. Yes, the fine print states that there is a minimum order, but that minimum is so low that unless you are just really stingy, almost anyone will reach it. But that’s filtering down to those who utilized the handmade on Amazon and Etsy shops for their home based businesses.

Etsy in order to compete for business against that big business, is encouraging their shop owners of offer free shipping. Some shops will do so only to close later as they aren’t making enough profit to pay for the owner head expenses of materials, time shipping and packing. Some shops, like ours, have a promotion where you get free shipping only after you spend so much money.

There is one other group that’s the one where you don’t get “free” shipping. But even they are a divided group. Part of them are completely honest. The other part, tells you that you are getting free shipping, but the handing fees, taxes, and product prices have been raised to cover their costs.

This is a long article only to say that there is always a price to free stuff. Either it’s as in a gift from a loved one, or the prices the Soldiers and Jesus have paid, or you’ve missed the fine point.

You will not get, in this life, anything free. If you personally haven’t paid for it, someone else has. Even then, you might have to pay with your time, money, rights, but you will pay. Suddenly that promised ‘free college education’ doesn’t look so good now, does it?

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