Iris Johansen’s Firestorm

Overview: Kerry Murphy has had a connection to fire since she was a young child. And that connection is about to become her biggest benefit. It turns out that there’s someone else who has a strong connection to fire. He also has strong connections to some hostile governments. You know, Kerry really wanted nothing to do with this jerk. She doesn’t even want much to do with the man hunting this particular arsonist down. But, sometimes the choice is taken out of our hands, right Kerry?

Story Telling: This is marketed as a romantic suspense novel. And it has suspense in spades. Now, the romance value is going to be based more on the reader’s expectations.

Dislikes: Kerry’s family life leaves much to be desired, to say the very least. I don’t care what your problem is with your spouse, the children shouldn’t be turned into weapons, or treated as an offshoot of the other partner.

And the romantic angle of the story bugs me a little. This is mostly caused by what Kerry and Silver’ abilities pertain to.

Likes: I appreciate how the sexual tension was handled in the novel.

Also George was one of the best parts of the story.

Favorite Character: It’s George. He not only understood himself, he could read quite a bit from other people.

Favorite Quote: Here’s something we all need to remember. “I am no. Everyone should have someone. Edna takes care of me. I take care of her. We both take care of the kids. It’s the way life should be.”

Favorite Scene: It’s Kerry’s relationship with George.

Conclusion: This is a good story, just as long as you don’t take it too seriously. Such is the beauty of the so-called beach reads.


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