Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights

Disclaimer: Let it not be said that I have completed this novel. At the halfway mark, I skipped to the final chapter.

Overview: Wuthering Heights is the manor that houses Lockwood’s landlord. Heathcliff seems to be a solitary-inclined miser on first glance. Though, it doesn’t take too long for his temper to betray that façade. What is the cause of the man’s anger? Does the old maid-servant, that waits upon Lockwood, have any knowledge that can shine a light on the situation?

Story Telling: This book is a gothic horror. As far as I know, it was one of the last entrees to the genre. So, we should probably be expecting it to show up again pretty soon.

Dislikes: Here’s the thing. I’m not against horror stories. Monsters, ghosts, natural threats, they can work very well in both cinematic and novel forms. It’s spending too much time in the minds of the sociopaths and psychopaths that turn me off. Nihilism, much like some of today’s horror authors seem to enjoy, is another way to lose my interest. Heathcliff’s revenge oriented mind, was cruel in the best of days, and out-right malicious in others.

Likes: Miss Bronte had a way of describing situations and scenery. She could make the mood and vibe work together in order to make the story seem real. That was her gift as an author.

Favorite Character: That would be the elder Earnshaw, at least until Joseph got his hooks in on the family.

Conclusion: This book will be reader specific. If you like the darker tales, give this one a shot.


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