Lesley Bolton’s The Complete Book of Baby Names-100,001+ Best Baby Names

Overview: Are baby name dictionaries just for aspiring parents? I’d say no, but I’m a bit biased. So, how does this one measure up for the parent-to-be, as well as the aspiring creator?

Story Telling: For the most part, this is a book of lists and a name dictionary. There is a history of the names, as well as other fascinating information, at the front, as well as a section for your own personal lists at the back.

Dislikes: My basic problem with this book came from the opening section, chapter four specifically. Ms. Bolton seemed to harp on the parents about the potential for bullying over the names. The thing is: a bully will find something as a weapon. If it’s not your name, it’ll be your attitude, your eyes, your nose, your ears, your clothes. A bully is a bully. And let’s face it, most parents don’t intentionally name their children with cruelty.

Likes: The dictionary aspect is well organized and separated by gender.

Conclusion: This is a pretty good reference, for whoever, or–depending on your genre–whatever, that you’re naming.


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