Thomas Paine’s Common Sense

Overview: Are any of the Founding Fathers’ words of any value to today’s generation? Let’s see what one of the more, um, controversial Founders had to say about our quest for Independence. This pamphlet was issued to the Revolutionaries.

Story Telling: This pamphlet, if my memory serves me correctly, was written by Mr. Paine to encourage the efforts for freedom.

Likes: Mr. Paine does, oops, did not pull any punches. But, he also didn’t talk down to his audience either. He led his readers down the path of his train of thought. It allows the reader to draw his or her own conclusions.

Favorite Quote: “But if you have, and can still shake hands with the murderers, then you are unworthy of the name of husband, father, friend, or lover and whatever may be your rank or title in life, you have the heart of a coward, and the spirit of a sycophant.” The words are harsh, but very true, both then and some of today’s situations.

Conclusion: This is a book that should be required reading for any American citizen. Sure, some of the spellings have been altered, and there’s mention of God–surprising because Mr. Paine has the reputation of being an Atheist. But, hey, we haven’t banned William Shakespeare’s works…yet. This book explains why the Declaration, and then the Constitution, was given us. Please, read this one for yourself.


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