Michael Connelly’s Chasing the Dime

Overview: Henry Pierce has just moved in to a new apartment, complete with a new phone number. Unfortunately, that number belonged to a girl named Lilly. Since his break-up with his fiancé, Henry decides to find Lilly. Will this idea work out for the best? Or will he regret ever starting out on this excursion.

Story Telling: Normally, a mystery involving people outside of law-enforcement, or the legal field, being the protagonists is called a cozy-mystery. I’m not so sure what kind of mystery this would be, as it breaks the other rules for a cozy.

Dislikes: It’s Henry. This guy is supposedly a certified genius. I understand that just because you are a genius in one field, it doesn’t mean that the genius branches out to all aspects of your life, but this guy doesn’t even have the basics of common sense. His moral code irked me as well.

One more thing. I don’t care if you prefer to call it ‘social engineering,’ a lie is a lie. At least be man enough to admit to it.

Likes: Playing the game of cross-over cameos is pretty fun. Also, there were quite a few honorable characters in the story.

Favorite Character: Well, there’s Nicole, Robert Renner, and Clyde Vernon.

Favorite Scene and Quote: There isn’t one here.

Conclusion: This is a story for those who prefer it dark. Personally, I prefer some redeeming factor in my protagonists.


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