Lincoln Child’s Deep Storm–Jeremy Logan 1

Overview: Dr. Peter Crane is used to high-stress jobs. After all, both the submarines in the Navy, as well as a few research groups aren’t exactly known for peace and relaxation, not even if you are an adrenaline junkie. His new assignment might just be more than he can handle. Peter has been called in to assist with the puzzle of the century. One a very special dig, members of the Deep Storm crew have fallen victim to a odd set of calamities. Unfortunately, there seems to be no common denominator. Can Peter find out what’s going on? Or, will he fall victim to outside forces?

Story Telling: I’m not really sure where to file this book. We have one part adventure, one part espionage, another part mystery, plus a bit of science-fiction to boot.

Dislikes: It’s mostly a matter of tastes. I don’t care much for aquatic our espionage novels.

Likes: Admiral Spartan was an impressive man. He seemed to want the best for the whole situation.

Favorite Character: It would be a toss up between Dr. Flyte and Admiral Spartan.

Favorite Quote: “So what? A black panther’s beautiful, too…right up to the minute it rips your guts out.”

Favorite Scene: It was the conversations between Dr. Flyte and Peter.

Conclusion: This was a decent book. I hope you enjoy it.


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