Agatha Christi’s What Mrs. Gillicuddy Saw! Or 4:50 From Paddington

Overview: Mrs. Gillicuddy could’ve sworn that she saw something most unsavory through the windows of her train cabin. But nobody, in a position of authority, believes the old woman. She does have someone she can turn to. Here’s a puzzler for the elderly Miss Marple.

Story Telling: Once again we get a British Manor Mystery.

Dislikes: The grandfather of the Crackenthorpe family was totally wrong in my opinion. All Josiah did, was put a chasm of enmity between his son and his grandchildren. Families shouldn’t be fractured due to minor disagreements, especially disagreements on money. Unless, there’s a betrayal of trust (having an odd taste in art doesn’t count) or it’s a matter of life and death, the family unit should strive to stay together.

Likes: You might disagree with me, but I liked Miss Marple’s solution to investigating the crime.

Favorite Character: That would be Lucy Eyelesbarrow.

Favorite Quote: I’ll let you guess on this origin. “She and Jane had shown them all right!”

Favorite Scene: IT would be the conversation between the Lady Stoddard and Emma Crackenthorpe.

Conclusion: This was a fun book. If I may though, read this book before you read “A is for Arsenic.”


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