Christina Pfeiffer & Mary Robson’s Month-By-Month Gardening Pacific Northwest: Oregon, Washington, Lower British Columbia, Northern California

I received this book for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: Are you living in the pacific northwest? Do you want to have a nice garden? This book might be of some help to you.

Story Telling: This is a reference book. It may be separated by month, but it is still a reference book.

Dislikes: This book does mention the top two poisonous plants–the castor bean and oleander–,but it does leave a gap in your knowledge. Please, do your research on the yew before you plant this tree.

Also, there didn’t seem to be any encouragement to master certain gardening skills. Instead Ms. Pfeiffer and Ms. Robson always advised the reader to seek the advice and help from the universities and the ‘certified’ experts.

Likes: This book does encourage people to try gardening.

Favorite Section: The specialty sections were quite fascinating.

Conclusion: Those gardeners focusing on the edible garden might find this book lacking. It is better suited, on the whole, for the ornamental gardener, as well as the new ones.


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