Roger Stern’s The Death and Life of Superman

Overview: Superman has faced many enemies in his career. Darkseid and Mongul have both given him the fight of his career. Now, however, a monster arises that just might end Superman’s life. This begs the question: when one of earth’s greatest heroes fall, who will step into his place?

Story Telling: This book asks a good question: can a story told over the span of forty comic books be condensed into one volume? No, I’m not wading into the minefield of whether or not comic books are real books. I’m just saying that Mr. Stern did a good job.

Dislikes: Paul Westfield’s attitude about those with powers is horrible.

Likes: Bibbo was cool. What else do you call someone who respects his hero so much that he tries to better the world?

Jonathan and Martha held themselves together pretty well considering the circumstances.

And Emil Hamilton held a self-deprecating style of speech at times.

Favorite Character: It’s a toss-up. Now, you can’t call Superman, because if you don’t like Superman, why are you reading this book? For my toss-up, it’s between John Henry Irons, Jonathan Kent, and Bibbo.

Favorite Quote: This is something that more people should consider. “Power carries a lot of responsibilities, son, and it’s up to each of us to use whatever talents that we have to leave this world a better place than we found it.”

Favorite Scene: I loved it when Bibbo was handing out lunches to the homeless.

But it could also be when Batman foiled the assassination attempt at the funeral.

Conclusion: This was a terrific story. Though, I believe it was more of Metropolis’s story, and not Superman’s.

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