Michael Connelly’s The Crossing-Harry Bosch 20 Mickey Haller 7

Overview: Harry is now retired fro the LAPD. Unfortunately, Martin O’Dell’s attempts to save money for the department, may backfire for it instead. One of the perks of having a lawyer for a brother. Now Harry can see the downsides of having a defense-attorney for a brother. Mickey needs a favor, and Harry is the only one he can turn to. Mickey is positive that his client is innocent, and his investigator–Cisco–has had an accident. Harry begrudgingly agrees to look into the case. But will he survive the crossing?

Story Telling: We have a suspense-novel, and a mystery. You can’t call it a police-procedural this time, as Harry no longer has a badge. Surprise! This is a third-person point-of-view story.

Dislikes: Harry seemed so depressed this time around. Maybe, I’ve gotten too used to his mission-oriented thinking. Or it could be that I’m no where near retirement.

Likes: Lucia is terrific. She could have easily gained brownie points with her colleagues by snubbing her former partner. I like how she handled it.

It’s good to know that Harry’s mission is to the truth, and not the prosecution.

Oh, and I finally learned how to pronounce Cisco’s name.

Favorite Character: It’s a toss-up between Lucia and Cisco.

Favorite Quote: Here’s what I mean about Cisco’s name. “It sounded like she pronounced the name Watch-Your-House-Key.”

Favorite Scene: Mendenhall is back. And she agreed to go on a date with Harry.

Conclusion: This is a pretty good book. If you are a fan of Harry Bosch you might want to catch this one.


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