Amanda Lee’s Better Off Thread-An Embroidery Mystery 10

I received this book for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: The Seven-Year Stitch is pretty busy this time of the year. But that doesn’t stop Marcy from jumping to help Captain Moe when he asks for a favor. And, what might a large, white-haired, fully bearded, man need as a favor–especially during the Christmas season? That’s right, Santa needs an elf. It’s for sick children at the hospital. Unfortunately, the gig is up when Captain Moe finds the body of the hospital administrator. Who would want Sandra Vincent dead? That’s the question Marcy and her crew has to answer, before Captain Moe gets placed on the naughty list.

Story Telling: We have a cozy mystery. Let’s hope this one doesn’t have too much romance.

Dislikes: Does anyone know a polite way of referring to Bellamy Carstairs and his parents. Please don’t say jerk, that’s just too nice. These are people who need a reality check.

Also, Marcy has a major character flaw, in my opinion. She doesn’t seem to have a backbone, at least when it comes to charity work.

Likes: Captain Moe makes a great Santa. And he does it right. Ted has great relationship with his family. Also, his nickname for Marcy is perfect.

Oh, we didn’t get a love triangle. While there is something involving three people, not even the biggest triangle fan could confuse it for a love triangle.

Favorite Character: It’s Captain Moe.

Favorite Quote: ““You can have a bite of mine in a few minutes,” Riley told him. “That way I’ll only have to run on the treadmill an extra hour rather than an extra hour and a half.”” Riley to Angus.

Favorite Scene: It has to be when Captain Moe asked Marcy his favor. It was funny, and sweet all at the same time.

Conclusion: This was a pretty good story. It was a little slow concerning the mystery, but it fits with the season.


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