Ed “Skip” McLaughlin & Wyn Lydecker’s The Purpose is Profit-The Truth About Starting and Building Your Own Business

I received this book for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: Are you interested in starting your own business? Do you think you have something that could change the world? This could be a great opportunity if you know where to start. Lucky for us, Mr. McLaughlin has a habit of starting his own businesses, and he believes that he has found the secret of success. Shall we find out how right he is?

Story Telling: I bet you are thinking that this is a textbook, or otherwise dry reading, but this is a bit different. Mr. McLaughlin used a memoir base, combined with bullet points to illustrate his important information.

Likes: It’s always good to see someone try to help the next person in line. Mr. McLaughlin and Ms. Lydecker tried to make this book as clear as they possibly could. They also included two guides that will help you get started.

Dislikes: Some of the lingo is a bit hard to understand. But, I think that may just be learning a new type of English, business English.

Favorite Quote: Mr. McLaughlin couldn’t have opened the book any better. “It’s your time. Take charge. Start up now.”

Conclusion: This is a very promising book. You can’t really go wrong with getting advice from those who’ve gone before you. If you are starting your own business, or considering it, give this book a shot.


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