Barbara Venkataraman’s A Trip to the Hardware Store and Other Calamities

I received this book courtesy of Ms. Venkataraman for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: How many messes can a person get him or herself into? Ms. Venkataraman intends to show us in this collection.

Story Telling: We have a collection of essays. Some are humorous, and others need either a keg of beer, or a salt mine to buy the premise.

Likes: Ms. Venkataranan’s dad seems like he tried his hardest. Too bad nobody thought of “how to books,” or to Google it.

Dislikes: If I had Ms. Venkataraman friends and dinner party would involve pot luck. There is no way I’d add that much stress to dinner, ever!

Favorite Essay: It would be the accomplishment of “A Trip to the Hardware Store.

Conclusion: This was a fun read but I don’t get the sisters’ financial math.


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