Barbara Venkataraman’s Peril in the Park-A Jamie Quinn Mystery 3

I received this book courtesy of Ms. Venkataraman for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: Jamie’s picture-perfect life is starting to show some cracks. Her boyfriend, Kip, is having trouble with the rest of the Broward County Parks Division. Her father’s visa application is hung up in the bureaucracy of INS. And now she’s getting threatening messages. Who is following her and Kip around on their dates? Does it have anything to do with the body found in the park hosting Ren-Fest? And will her Daddy ever get to America?

Story Telling: And we’re back to a cozy mystery.

Likes: Duke is back. And he has a newish girlfriend.

Kip strongly advocated getting both sides of the story before making any decision. I like his style.

Dislikes: Jamie did jump to a lot of conclusions this time around. It was very different from the previous books.

And I felt the wrong woman was portrayed as the bad guy during Jamie’s meeting with Duke’s newest girlfriend. After all, she is his friend.

Favorite Character: It’s Duke, or Kip.

Favorite Quote ““Thanks for everything, Duke, you’re the bomb!”
“Course I am,” he said. “Assumin’ that’s a good thing.””

Favorite Scene: It’s Ren-Fest. How could I resist Pirate Duke? Really, how could anyone?

Conclusion: This book, while still good, wasn’t as fun as the others were. Perhaps it’s a matter of tastes, or politics?


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