Barbara Venkataraman’s Death By Didgeridoo-A Jamie Quinn Mystery 1

I received this book courtesy of Ms. Venkataraman for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: Jamie Quinn has been spending the last six months hiding from the outside world…er, trying to gather her thoughts after her mother’s death. A call from her distressed Aunt Peg seems to be just what Jamie needs to come out of her funk. You see, her cousin, Adam, has been implicated in a murder. His music teacher, Spike, was found murdered. The one who found him was Adam. Can Jamie keep Adam out of jail? Or will the killer silence Jamie first?

Story Telling: We get a cozy mystery. Wait a minute, no saying that it can’t be a cozy mystery because Jamie is a lawyer. She practices family law, not criminal.

Likes: Jamie is desperate to make sure justice is served by having the actual killer behind bars.

Grace was able to help Jamie out the best way she could. See, spending some time in criminal law can be beneficial.

Oh, and don’t forget Duke.

Dislikes: Nick, the prosecutor, is my biggest problem. He seemed to want the easy solution. Not the right solution, the easy one. This makes it hard to trust him.

Favorite Character: Oh, Marmaduke Broussard III. Nothing like a Southern flirt. In fact, the only thing better is a Southern gentleman.

Favorite Quote: Here’s one to show you Jamie’s attitude. “There’s one more thing I should tell you, but I don’t like to bring it up. Since I have no choice, I’ll just throw it out there and hope you don’t think less of me, or make assumptions about my honesty or integrity. The truth is…I’m a lawyer.”

Favorite Scene: I’d have to go with Jamie’s meeting with Duke in the bar. That was fun.

Conclusion: This was a fun book. Enjoy it if you like a little humor in your cozies.


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