Bill Swann’s Five Proofs of Christianity-A Circuit Judge Looks at His Life

I received this book for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: Judge Swann has spent the better part of his life in Tennessee. During that time, he has been a judge (still is at times), an aspiring poet, and an avid article-writer. Here’s a look into his life, maybe it can give you some insight to some of your situations.

Story Telling: This is another composite book. It’s one part memoir, one part poetry, and one part article collection.

Likes: Judge Swann has one heck of an attitude. He tells you like he sees it. Oh, for those who need a trigger warning, Judge Swann takes on many of today’s issues, from same-sex marriage, to affirmative action. He even takes on Christianity. Be forewarned, you may not agree with the man, but you will get his opinion.

Dislikes: Um, honestly, I didn’t get the poetry. It’s not something that I usually enjoy.

Favorite Article: It would be the namesake article “Five Proofs of Christianity.”

Favorite Quote: “Opinions are the product of intelligence guided by reality.” Of course, you might be wondering about some of the realities that your colleagues are living in.

Conclusion: This is a pretty good book. Sometimes you need to hear form the prior generation.


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