Nancy Coco’s All Fudged Up-A Candy Coated Mystery 1

Overview: Allie McMurphy has a few problems. One: her Papa Liam died before her internship at the McMurphy Hotel and Fudge Shop even began. And two: one of her Papa Liam’s rivals was found dead in her second floor utility closet. Can the McMurphy open for the season? Or, will the town succeed in running her out of business?

Story Telling: This is a cozy mystery. While most cozies do take place in small towns, the towns aren’t usually this small.

Likes: Jennifer was fun. And she kept her head during stressful situations.

Allie has a good sense of family pride. After all, she was looking forward to running the McMurphy.

Francis Wentworth and Douglas Devaney were fun. And while Mr. Devaney groused at Allie, both were trying to help her to succeed.

Dislikes: While Mackinac Island sounds pretty, it’s people don’t seem to be very welcoming of guests. Or new businesses. The rumor mill was running rampant.

The first few chapters can get a bit old with the ‘dead man in my closet’ routine.

Now, Allie’s parents did a good thing by helping her with the McMruphy. My problem comes with the strings that they attached. Visiting your parents is not something you should be forced into. That’s not saying that I don’t think you should visit them, it’s that I don’t believe you can force affectionate actions. Their timing wasn’t very good either.

And Pete Thompson needs to learn that no means no, and no amount of pressure will force just anyone to sell.

Um…do you really need a degree for candy-making? It seems weird to me.

Favorite Character: It’s Mr. Devaney.

Favorite Quote: Here’s a taste of Mr. Devaney’s attitude. When asked if he knew of a handyman, he responds this way: “What’d you do, by one of those fixer-upper cabins? Fool. Sell it back while you still can.”

Favorite Scene: Well, the best part was finding out Joe Jessup’s real purpose for being in the McMurphy.

Conclusion: This was a fun book. I just hope that it doesn’t develop into a love triangle later on. After all this isn’t a Young Adult novel, it’s a cozy mystery.


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