Maggie Barbeiri’s Murder 101-A Murder 101 Mystery 1

Overview: Alison Bergeron is facing a bigger dilemma than remembering to grade her students’ papers, and staying civil to her serial-cheating ex-husband, Ray. Now, the police are coming to talk to her about her stolen Volvo. It turns out that it’s been found. The only problem with it, is the fact that one of Alison’s students was found in the trunk. Can Alison clear her name before she ends up in the clink? Or does she have more to fear from Kathy’s immediate family?

Story Telling: We’ve got a new cozy mystery. This one has some humorous situations dotted through the story.

Likes: Believe it or not, I liked how Wyatt handled the case, even if it was pretty evident that Alison didn’t do it.

Max struck me as someone whose mind worries more than is evident in her body. And it seems like Alison was the source of her worries.

Dislikes: I’ll be honest, I enjoyed this book right up until the conclusion of it. There were too many unanswered questions, and one of the better characters was shown to be a slime-ball.

And don’t get me started on Ray. He worries me. Not only is he completely unrepentant, he seems to thrive on pulling his ex into a maelstrom of stress and self-hatred.

Favorite Character: It’s a tie between Father Kevin and Sister Mary.

Favorite Quote: Here’s a good one from Sister Mary. “I know you had nothing to do with this. So does everyone else. Etheridge just likes to make decisions that he thinks will make him look strong to the outside world.”

Favorite Scene: You have to wonder how bad the look is when a priest gives you the evil eye. Does it imply that the recipient is on the fast-track to hell?

Conclusion: What can I say? The ending really makes the book. If the ending is good, so is the rest of the book, even if it’s a stressful read. But, no matter how fun a book is, a bad ending can and will ruin it. Enjoy this one if you can.


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