Steve Alten’s Hell’s Aquarium-Meg 4

Overview: Angel’s pups are getting too big for the Meg Pen. With the state of California not allowing The Tanaka Oceanographic Institute to expand, Jonas and Terry are looking for buyers for Angel’s five pups. An offshoot of PETA, R.A.W. (Release Animals to the Wild) wants the pups released. Can we say trouble? The bright side seems to be that the Prince of Dubai wants to negotiate a deal with Jonas Taylor. The only question is what deal is the Prince negotiating?

Story Telling: Once again we have a present-tense novel. Why do people use this style? Oh, and it’s a monster book.

Likes: Oh, Mac is going to be a Daddy.

Dislikes: Where to start…I guess we’ll start with my biggest pet-peeve. Evolution is a theory, albeit a theory that sets out to disprove God. As such we should treat it like a theory. But, even as a theory, Mr. Alten goes too far. Marine reptiles have to come to the surface for air. He could have made air pockets in underwater caves, something that would be, at least, more believable than marine reptiles with gills. Besides, marine reptiles tend to lay their eggs on land. We didn’t get an answer for that one.

Now onto the liopleurodon. This thing I expected to be a bit oversized for the book. In fact, I’ll admit to looking it up shortly after starting the book, just so I could get a feel for the creature. From what I could figure, liopleurodon was a megalodon-snack, not hunter.

This book seem gratuitous in regards to all of the gore. Yeah, I get it. People lose limbs in monster books, but Richard’s death was cruel and unusual punishment.

When it came to Angel, Mr. Alten, forgive the expression, jumped the shark. Let’s face it, if you needed a mommy and a daddy to come into the world, you need a mommy and a daddy to reproduce. Sorry. Just the way of nature. I would have bought spontaneous sex-change. That’s at least shown in nature, you know, the clownfish.

Favorite Character: Mac.

Favorite Scene and Quote: I don’t have either this time around.

Conclusion: This book was too much for me. My disbelief can only be suspended so far, and that’s pretty far considering that I read epic-fantasy, but there has to be some truth. I didn’t find much here. And he killed Minister.


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