Steve Alten’s The Trench-Meg 2

Overview: After four years of containing a megalodon in the lagoon of The Tanaka Oceanographic Institute, you would think that the terror would fade from Dr. Jonas Taylor’s mind. Not really. If anything, his night terrors have gotten worse. An unfortunate convergence of events seems to be conspiring to lead Jonas back to where it all began. One of the Institute’s business partners want Jonas to double-check the other, and Angel, the baby of the first megalodon, has decided to try freedom for a change. How many people will die before Angel is stopped?

Story Telling: Monster book! These books don’t try to educate you, usually, yet all books teach. It is just, what some would call, a ‘guilty pleasure’ read.

Likes: Mac is back. And he is just as loyal as ever.

Masao struck me as the kind of man who pushes others to better themselves. It doesn’t hurt that he is willing to fight for what’s right as well.

Terry and Jonas stayed loyal to each other through all temptation. And I have to admit to liking how they handled their respective problems.

Dislikes: Benedict Singer…what can I say, with that first name, how can he be anything but a bad guy. Maybe I need to get out more, as the only Benedict I know is Benedict Arnold. But I digress. I don’t think the narcissistic jerk ever saw people as, well, people. Anyone that he ran across became a game for him.

Celeste Singer was more of a shark than Angel was. In fact, given the choice, I would rather deal with Angel.

I’m sure that class-action lawsuits started for a very good reason, but if you have to use emotion to win a case, then your evidence is thin at best. And most of these class-action lawsuits seem to play the heartstrings.

Also, a word of advice. If someone acts like he or she will kill you if you don’t cooperate, then he or she will kill you after you cooperate. The person has already made up his or her mind, so why bother cooperating? You aren’t going to change his or her mind.

Favorite Character: I’m not sure if Masao or Mac would fit. But, I love Mac. I liked his loyalty, his problem-solving skills, and his initiative. What’s not to like?

Masao had good points too. He tried to bring out the best in those around him. And he encouraged his daughter to consider her husband’s position.

Favorite Quote: We have two. Each one showcases attitudes. First one comes from Mac and Celeste. ““Why don’t you do us all a favor and fly that bucket of bolts back to Vietnam.” Celeste said.

Mac smiled at her. “Beats the hell out of flying a broomstick.””

And then, we have one from Masao. “Then listen to me carefully. True courage is doing the thing you fear doing most. There can be no courage unless you are scared.”

Favorite Scene: Here’s a taste of Mac’s ingenuity. The way make handles Maren’s sabotage attempt was great. And he never lied to the man.

Conclusion: This book was fun. The scientific terms might seem boring, though they have a good place, as they bring your adrenaline under control. I do have a question. During Angel’s last attack, was it murder, suicide, or both?


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