Dean Koontz’s The Dead Town-Frankenstein 5

Overview: It’s finally time for the final showdown between the creation and his cruel creator, by proxy so to speak. Victor Immaculate thinks that his plans, for the annihilation of the world, are coming into fruition. The residents of Rainbow Falls and Deucalion’s team have a few arguments against that plan. Who will win the fight for life itself?

Story Telling: Once again, we step into the world of the mad-scientist. I wonder who inspired this vision.

Likes: You have to give the regular people in this book credit. Their situations weren’t the most hopeful, but they didn’t roll over and give up. They resisted to the best of their abilities, even if a few of them needed some external influence to do so.

Xerox-Bozeman was sad, yet in a way, hopeful. I saw him as proof, at least in Mr. Koontz’s world, that God can reach anyone.

And of course, Jocko is back, along with Erika.

Dislikes: You know, if Victor’s clone wasn’t actually trying to destroy humanity, I’d have found his arrogance hilarious. Oh, he’s so perfect, therefore his creations are perfect. Maybe he should ask God His opinion on that one.

And the ‘Builders’ are just gross.

Favorite Character: This might be a list. There was the Riders in the Sky congregation, Rudy, Sammy, Sully, Grace, Bryce, um…maybe I should wrap this up, Jocko and Erika.

Favorite Quote: We have two this time around. First off we get Mr. Koontz’s view on Hollywood’s view on the middle-class. “ It was the kind of modest, but well-detailed house that, back in the day, Hollywood routinely portrayed as the home of any reputable middle-class family like Andy Hardy and his dad the judge, before moviemakers decided that the middle-class was nothing but a dangerous conspiracy of dim-witted, grasping, bigoted know-nothings whose residences in films should reveal their stupidity, ignorance, boring conformity, greed, racism, fundamental festering evil.”

And now we see the people themselves. ““Most of them are not that way,” the giant says. “But among them are enough like you, Victor, to lead them astray again and again, to be their conniving politicians and their self-sickened intellectuals, their self-satisfied elites who seduce them away from their better natures. There is a serpent in the world, and having signed a pledge with it, you spent your life–your lives–spreading its venom.””

Favorite Scene: I loved the code name that the Riders gave Deucalion. It was perfect. And Victor’s punishment fit his crimes. Oh! The way that Carson and Michael met the Riders was fun.

Conclusion: This is a great story. Unfortunately, it is now over. The only people who might have a problem with this series, are those who have a problem with God showing up in books, but if that’s a pet-peeve of yours, then why are you reading a Dean Koontz novel anyway.


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