Dean Koontz and Ed Gorman’s City of Night-Frankenstein 2

Overview: It’s been less that twenty-four hours since the events of “Prodigal Son.” Detectives O’Connor and Maddison are all-in, so to speak, when it concerns stopping Victor Helios. Along with Deucalion, they are trying to figure out where Helios’s main base of operations is located. The only question is if Helios will find them before they are ready for him?

Story Telling: We are continuing with the Frankenstein story. So, there’s monsters of both the created and human varieties.

Likes: Deucalion has managed to find a way to control his temper. It’s a very unique way. I don’t think that those boys liked it very much.

Lulana, Evangeline, and Moses are doing the best they can for their community, and their boss.

We meet Erika Five, and she seems to be smarter than the rest. Could she be Frankenstein’s doom?

Dislikes: Benny and Cindi were nuts, and only one of them could see it. And that was only partially.

Helios isn’t just cruel, as I had thought from the beginning, he is blind to his mistakes and sins.

Favorite Character: I think I’ll go with Deucalion.

Favorite Quote: “Nevertheless, what will come will come, and each of us must face it in his own way, with as much courage as he can….”

Favorite Scene: Well, we have the one where we see Deucalion’s form of anger management. Or when he gets Arnie to safety. Or the time that Deucalion spends comforting the replaced Pastor Kenny. That one was kind of sweet.

Conclusion: This one was pretty good. Though, the ending was kind of weird. What was the purpose of introducing that last couple?


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