Cheryl Hollon’s Shards of Murder-A Webb’s Glass Shop Mystery 2

I received this book courtesy of Ms. Nunn for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: Savannah Webb is in the process of settling into her late father’s position as the owner of Webb’s Glass Shop. Part of her inherited duties is judging the Spinnaker Arts Festival. Unfortunately, the Best of Show winner disappears before the awards ceremony. Good thing that Savannah found her while walking Rooney. The bad news is that now Savannah is a person-of-interest at best, and a suspect at the worst. Can she save herself from a potential conviction? Or will she have a bigger problem than she ever imagine?

Story Telling: Ms. Hollon has given us a fun cozy mystery. And, thankfully, we don’t get tied down in the romantic elements that are so popular in this genre.

Likes: I admit it. Humor tends to be a miss with me. The jokes, or lighter scenes, resonated with me this time. It made the book more enjoyable.

Edward is cool. He is the ultimate old-fashioned guy with a fun twist. And he brings some interesting snacks to the gang.

Jacob is an interesting guy. Add to that the devotion that Mrs. Underwood shows to him, it’s a great addition to the story. Mrs. Underwood even found booties for Suzy, Jacob’s service dog.

Rooney is a fun addition as well is Amanda’s attitude.

Dislikes: There were only two things that I didn’t care for in this book. For starters, the first lesson in Savannah’s glass shop got a little too in-depth for my tastes.

And secondly, Megan Loyola is not what I would call a great artist. Great art is uplifting. It brings hope into the world, not just beauty. And it leaves the world better off because it came into being. Megan’s art left a trail of destruction everywhere she went.

Favorite Character: It has to be Edward.

Favorite Quote: We have a couple. This response from Amanda is our first. “ Yep, it’s my thing. How soon do you want to start?”

And here’s one from Savannah. “Rooney tore a hunk of material from the attacker’s pants. I had to touch it to get it away from Rooney, so that scrap should have the attacker’s DNA along with mine and Rooney’s, of course. Do you need a DNA sample from Rooney?”

Favorite Scene: Rooney’s agility meet was fun. Especially the after effects. Or we could go with the get-together with the gang and Edward’s parents.

Conclusion: This is a fun book. It kind of reminds me of a more mature Scooby-Doo gang, albeit with less emphasis on the supernatural. Enjoy it.


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