Carole P. Roman’s Being Captain is Hard Work-A Captain No Beard Story

I received this book courtesy of Mrs. Roman for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: The Flying Dragon is heading to Dew Rite Volcano. On their journey, the crew runs into two major storms.

Story Telling: We still have the easy sentences, though the words have gotten a bit more advanced for the picture book crowd.

Artwork: Our cartoon-like illustrations are a bit darker this time.

Likes: Hallie really kept the crew together.

Dislikes: Captain No Beard was a bit of a brat.

Also, we got a bit hung up on the names of cloud formations. You can have fun and still learn. Sometimes, you don’t have to force a lesson into the story.

Favorite Character: Hallie, again.

Favorite Quote: “Whew! That was some adventure….”

Favorite Scene: At least Captain No Beard came to his senses in time to save Zack.

Conclusion: This wasn’t as good as some of the other books in the series, but it’s not too bad either. I, personally, would change the names of the cloud formations for the younger crowds.

Carole P. Roman’s The Crew Goes Coconuts-A Captain No Beard Story 6

I received this book courtesy of Mrs. Roman for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: There’s a new crew-member for The Flying Dragon. Matie the Goat seems to be the biggest problem facing the rest of the crew. She just rubs most of them the wrong way. Can Captain No Beard bridge the gap between the crew members, or will Matie be set adrift.

Story Telling: Captain No Beard still has the simple sentences going for him.

Artwork: The illustrations are still intriguing. The cartoon quality just works for the series.

Likes: Hallie and Cayla didn’t bend to the pressure of not liking their new friend.

Dislikes: I’ll be honest: having praise, then belittle themselves, doesn’t seem like a real good way to stop a bully session. In fact, it is more likely to give the bully more ammunition. You aren’t going to guilt a bully into stopping. All you’ll do, at best, is change out the target.

Favorite Character: I still like Hallie, but I’ll add Matie this time.

Favorite Quote: I almost felt sorry for Captain No Beard. “Can’t we all get along?”

Favorite Scene: Matie had a good solution to the crew’s water problem.

Conclusion: The story was okay, but I’d suggest that you find another way to help your ‘crew’ deal with bullies.

Carole P. Roman’s Captain No Beard and the Aurora Borealis-A Captain No Beard Story 7

I received this book courtesy of Mrs. Roman for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: Captain No Beard is leading his crew on a truly pirate adventure. He wants to steal the aurora borealis. Can his crew keep him from doing a really bad thing?

Story Telling: We get another youthful adventure.

Artwork: The illustrations, are still cartoonish, and attractive.

Likes: Hallie has her work cut out for her this time. There was a good message in this one as well.

Favorite Character: Hallie, again.

Favorite Quote: ““I’m not that kind of pirate. I mean, I love treasure and all, but only if it doesn’t belong to someone else,” Hallie said reasonably.”

Favorite Scene: The crew’s solution was ingenious.

Conclusion: This was a cute story, enjoy it with your ‘crew.’

Will Butts’s This Republic-Illuminating Republican Government

I received this book for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: What form of government does the United States have? If you are like most Americans, you’ll miss it. You see, our Founding Fathers never wanted a democracy. We have a republic. So, what is a republic? Let’s follow Mr. Butts, as he uses his favorite Founder, John Adams, to explain republican–not the party–government.

Story Telling: This is an educational book. Research, reference, however you want to call it, it’s to educate you.

Likes: Mr. Butts compares all forms of government. We are able to see what our Founding Fathers were looking for.

Big plus. We get a copy of the United States Constitution.

Dislikes: My only complaint is the etymology lessons. Some of them can get confusing.

Favorite Quote: The Founders had a vision of the future, or so it would seem. “The predominant passion of all men in power…is the same; that tyranny will be the effect, whoever are the governors, whether the one, the few, or the many, if uncontrolled by

    equal laws

, made by

    common consent

, unsupported, protected and enforced by three different orders of men in equilibrio.”-The emphasis is mine. (You know how they sneak many laws through, that they don’t follow.)

Favorite Part: Both the letter from John Adams and the Constitution made this book.

Conclusion: This book is important, not only to those looking to vote, but to every household in America. I cannot recommend it enough.