Jon Maas’s Flare

I received this book courtesy of Mr. Maas for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: Something has happened to cause a break-down of societal norms. A massive solar flare is passing the Earth. Now, the daylight is enough to permanently end your worries. Four survivors are heading to ‘The Salvation.’ Will they make it? Or will they run into other, less safety oriented survivors?

Story Telling: From the superheroes we got post-apocalyptic. This time we only have two points-of-view.

Likes: We are shown the lengths people will go to in order to survive.

Dislikes: I opened this book quite aware of the social justice themes that were in “Spanners.” I guess I was hoping those ideas wouldn’t be in his latest novel. Alas, I was wrong.

This time we had a multi-front attack on Christianity. We have a group of Satanists who want the world to burn. There’s the atheist who claims that Christianity has a habit of “deny, persecute, and claim” in regards to science. As an aside Galileo or Newton, I’m not sure which but one of them had been arrested for the crime of mocking the pope. That’s what got the guy in trouble, not science.

Then, we have ‘The Salvation’ Not only did these people deny entry to their haven, which isn’t in itself bad. It was the reasons behind the denials. A genetic defect go people condemned. If you had a heart, and not a doctor, you were condemned. And, I believe, if you were Christian you were condemned. This left families being split apart. And this group had the gall to call their leaders by the names of angels, according to Jewish mythology. (I have yet to find these names in the Bible.)

Favorite Character: This is the only favorite that I have. Brother Colm believed so much in “The Salvation” that he lead people there, knowing that he had been denied entry.

Conclusion: This book was too gory, sexualized, and depressing, for my tastes. If you like post-apocalyptic novels, and can ignore the social justice ideas, you might like it.


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