Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child’s Crimson Shore-Pendergast 15

Overview: It’s been four months since the events of “Blue Labyrinth.” Pendergast, is still recuperating, when he gets an intriguing offer. Percival Lake, a prominent sculptor, has had a horrible break-in at his lighthouse home. And what did the thieves abscond with? Oh, around $150,000 in wine. For an extremely rare bottle of wine, Pendergast is quite willing to turn his recuperating period into a working vacation.

Story Telling: We have another thriller novel courtesy of Mr. Preston and Mr. Child. Please be advised: while I strive to avoid spoilers in my reviews, be sure you’ve read this series through “The Book of the Dead.” Key plot points of that book will be discussed here.

Likes: Proctor is still doing what he can for Pendergast.

The area of Exmouth seemed like a pretty spot.

Believe it or not, I felt sorry for Chief Mourdock. It seemed like he was being set up to look foolish.

Dislikes: Now we’re going to hit spoiler-territory. For starters, while Pendergast has been known to use trickery, and other magician’s tricks, he has never–to my knowledge–outright lied to anyone, until now. He wasn’t up to his usual standards either.

Constance Green is a selfish little thing. Everything seemed to revolve around her feelings. Maybe she ought to remember what, exactly, happened to the last men who earned her ire.

Now this is really hard to say without spoiling the story. But, how did Diogenes come back? He fell, with help admittedly, into an active–I repeat A-C-T-I-V-E–volcano. Is he supposed to be god? If so, he falls far short of the mark.

Favorite Character: I’m going to go with Chief Mourdock. He was literally in over his head.

Favorite Quote: This actually fit’s the book. “You’ll have to excuse my associate,…. She has a rather mordant sense of humor.”

Favorite Scene: I loved the cooking lesson. It was the best part of the book.

Conclusion: All of the problems and quite a few incongruities in the story line, conspired to make this book one of the worse books in the Pendergast series. It left too many questions without answers for my tastes.


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