Michael Phillip Cash’s Collision-The Battle For Darracia 2

I received this book courtesy of Mr. Cash for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: V’sair is due for his coronation, yet he doesn’t believe the time is right. His choices for Queen and Grand Mestor are preoccupied to say the least. Unfortunately for him and his people, another uncle–this time from his mother’s side–wants Darracia for his new home. Can V’sair and the Elements stand against Lothen and his goddess Geva?

Story Telling: We have the middle of a science-fiction trilogy. This part of a trilogy is always hard to get right. They are the darkest of the three books. Yet if you get them too dark, then no one wants to continue the story.

Likes: The spirit of this book is pretty good. You can easily feel for the young king.

Bobbien is back with her care of all creatures. Especially, when Zayden needs her help the most.

Reminda is much different from her brother.

Dislikes: Where to start? Lothen doesn’t seem to understand that true power does not come from destruction.

Naje ruined herself, and she doesn’t even see it. She sold her soul for the appearance of power.

And Seren is a weird guy. Who really wants to marry someone who has already given his or her heart away?

Favorite Character: It’s a tie between Reminda, Bobbien, and Denita.

Favorite Quote: Reminda gives us it again. “You have to give everything time.”

Favorite Scene: The best part for me was when Reminda got to talk to Drakko again.

Conclusion: I found that this book kept a good balance of hope and the darker parts of a trilogy. Well done Mr. Cash. I hope the last is just as strong.


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