Sibeal Pounder’s Witch Wars

I received this book for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: Tiga Whicabim seems to have rotten luck. Her guardian, Mrs. Heks, seems to hate her. But there’s this really weird…thing in her shed. Fran claims to be a fairy from Ritzy City. A new fight for the Top Witch of Ritzy City is about to start, and Tiga has been entered into the competition. Can Tiga win Witch Wars and stay in Ritzy City for good? Or will she have to return to Mrs. Heks?

Story Telling: Well, we have a middle grade fantasy book. Here’s your reader alert, trigger warning, whatever you wish to call it, the next sentence is not politically correct. This book is more suited to girls rather than to boys.

Artwork: The illustrations worked well. Especially with one of the major faults of Sinkville.

Likes: Tiga, Peggy, and Fluffanora showed some great social graces during the competition.

Fran was just ditzy enough to be funny.

Mrs. Brew was cool. Or maybe I just liked Ratty Ann.

Dislikes: How can something be called Ritzy without any color? And considering the ages of the contestants, how was it still standing?

Favorite Character: It would be the Brews.

Favorite Quote: Fluffanora has a pearl of wisdom to give parents and children alike. “It’s not my real name. When I was four, I demanded they change it. I used to be called Anna, but Fluffanora seemed cooler at the time. Sometimes I wish they hadn’t given me everything I wanted.”

Favorite Scene: The time that Tiga spent with the Brews was fun.

Conclusion: The story is good for the age-range. But there are some British words in the beginning. You might have to explain what Ms. Pounder means by ‘torch.’


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