Thomas Hall’s Nothing As It Seems

I received this book courtesy of Mr. Hall, for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: Megan Gallagher seems like she was such a nice girl. She worked as a nurse for a rehabilitation hospital, for those who are unable to stay in a hospital but shouldn’t be heading home yet. So why would somebody want to kill her? Craig Walker is called in when the chief investigator–Jim Prescott–can’t shake the feeling that Megan’s death wasn’t natural. Can Walker and his partner, Munoz, find out what happened to Megan? The real question is how many people have to die first.

Story Telling: We have a cross between a murder mystery and a suspense novel.

Likes: Craig Walker had a pretty good attitude. As long as somebody was willing to work for the answers, even if they needed help, he had respect for that person.

Dislikes: Both of the suspects just bothered me. They were portrayed with very little in the form of innocence potential, nor a clear-cut show of guilt.

Plus the ending was a bit of a downer for me. For those who know me, know that I like a clear black and white picture.

Favorite Character: Craig Walker.

Favorite Quote: Here’s something that shows why I like Craig Walker. “And as I told you, I have great respect for the judgment of cops who are willing to ask for help.”

Favorite Scene: I liked how Hayley dealt with her family. Also Craig Walker and David Munoz had a great conversation with Dr. Reed.

Conclusion: For the most part this was a great book. I just didn’t care for the ending.


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