Michael Phillip Cash’s Stillwell

I received this book courtesy of Mr. Cash for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: Paul Russo is just now returning to the workforce after his wife’s failed fight with cancer. Allison Russo was his whole world, how can he go on without her? Now he is having dreams about Allison being in danger. On top of that, he has been tapped to oversee the sell of the Andrewses ancestral home, Stillwell Manor. Stillwell is said to be haunted, but Paul doesn’t believe in ghosts. So no problem, right?

Story Telling: Once again, Mr. Cash provides us an urban fantasy haunting.

Likes: Both Paul’s family and Allison’s were there fro the Russo family. Paul needed them, as much as they needed him, and it’s great to see that they were able to pull together during such a dark time.

Molly was kind of fun. She’s the kind of girl that you ought to be listening to in ghost stories. She seems to have so much belief in, and knowledge of, the paranormal world.

Hannah’s story was kind of sad, but ended in the right way.

Dislikes: I have little respect for those who cheat on their spouses. That means that both Craig and Melissa Andrews aren’t going to be my favorite characters. Also, Craig didn’t seem to really feel anything stronger than lust. Nor did he have any familial pride.

Squire Andrews was totally wrong. I can’t really say too much about him without ruining Hannah’s story.

And why do the schools always lean towards professional psychiatric help? Could it be, maybe, because of the professional drugs?

The first half of the novel was a bit depressing. But Paul was still trying to get on with life. Though Allison’s ‘monkey wrench’ felt more like a downer.

Favorite Character: I guess it would be Molly, Nonnie, and June. They were always cooking.

Favorite Quote: This fit’s the whole story. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost. What happened at Stillwell?” –Molly.

Favorite Scene: It was kind of cool that Paul found the secret documents, both the letter from Craig’s father, and Hannah’s journal.

Conclusion: This was a pretty good story, at least after the first half of the book.


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